Ascent leaders have provided outdoor recreation planning, trails planning, and related environmental services to several land management agencies, including General Plans for State Parks and State Recreation Areas for California State Parks; Land Management Plans for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and recreational trails planning for the California Tahoe Conservancy and Tahoe Transportation District. We have a long history of preparing plan and environmental documents for park master plans, multiuse trails, campgrounds, day use, water recreation, interpretation, natural resources management, and ecosystem restoration projects that include public access components.

The Ascent team has considerable experience in leading and preparing a wide variety of outdoor recreation and resource management plans.  The following project list is representative of the team’s outdoor recreation planning experience:

  • General plans and environmental documents for state parks
  • Trails feasibility studies and alignment plans
  • Master plans and environmental documents for regional parks
  • Land management plans for resource agencies
  • Access management plans
  • Water recreation studies
  • Ecosystem restoration plans with public access
  • Interpretive plans
  • Coastal recreation plans