Sydney-Coatsworth.jpgSydney is a geographer and environmental planner with over 25 years of experience in environmental compliance, planning, environmental analysis, and public outreach programs for a wide variety of projects. Her practice runs the gamut, including water resources, wastewater treatment facilities, floodplain management, renewable energy facilities, affordable housing, urban development, natural resources management, and environmental policy and regulation. She is an expert and educator in environmental compliance pursuant to CEQA, NEPA, and TRPA laws and regulations. Sydney specializes in managing large-scale and complex environmental compliance projects and has overseen the preparation of hundreds of environmental documents. Outside of the office, Sydney serves on the Board of the Sacramento Tree Foundation, helping the region maintain and enhance its urban forest.

Sydney's experience includes the following:

  • Led preparation of the EIS for the Tahoe Regional Plan Update, a strategic modernization of TRPA’s planning and regulatory documents designed to facilitate sustainable redevelopment and restoration that will support the region’s economy, resident and visitor population, and natural environment.
  • Directed CEQA compliance document for the 33 Percent Renewable Electricity Standard, a key component of the California Air Resources Board AB 32 implementing regulations.
  • Led environmental studies of renewable energy generation projects, transmission lines, and other energy facility upgrades, including most recently the CalPeco Lake Tahoe Electrical Line Upgrade EIR/EIS/EIS.
  • Managed water resources planning and environmental compliance programs, including the award-winning Sacramento Area Water Forum Agreement EIR.
  • Led numerous environmental compliance programs for urban development, ecosystem restoration, and trail development projects in the Lake Tahoe Basin.
  • Directed CEQA compliance for many public facilities, including water supply, wastewater treatment, and State building projects.
  • For over 12 years, led State retainer contracts for environmental, biological and cultural resources studies, including for Department of General Services and California Tahoe Conservancy.
  • Regularly conducts public and agency outreach meetings, workshops, community education, and strategic planning sessions.
  • Member of the Enhanced CEQA Action Team (ECAT) of the American Planning Association California Chapter and Association of Environmental Professionals.
  • Teaches CEQA courses for Association of Environmental Professionals, American Planning Association, UC Davis Extension, and client agencies.
  • Instructed CEQA practice topics for the Attorney General’s Office and Local Government Commission’s statewide climate change workshop series.
  • Regularly presents on the topic of greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and adaptation strategies. 

Sydney’s colleagues will tell you that she is an energetic and enthusiastic professional, committed to quality products and client service. On a personal note, Sydney is also enthusiastic about her family, scary Halloween costumes, and trying new sports and activities. On a recent milestone birthday she tried her hand at surfing in Hanalei, Kauai. It’s more difficult than it looks … and it looks difficult!