Owner/Client:      Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

The Edgewood Hotel and Golf Course Realignment Project involves redevelopment of a portion of the Edgewood Golf Course adjacent to Lake Tahoe in Stateline, Nevada into an expanded resort facility. The entire golf course encompasses approximately 237 acres of land located within the Edgewood Plan Area Statement (PAS) 070A in California and Nevada. A proposed hotel and related facilities would be concentrated on approximately 10 acres of land located entirely within the PAS 070A Special Area #1 (Tourist Area). The proposed project would include a new 194-unit hotel complex with a full-service spa and wellness center, restaurant and bar, and banquet and meeting space as well as accessory uses on undeveloped higher capability lands at the Edgewood Golf Course. The project also includes several water quality improvement features aimed at contributing to achievement of water quality threshold standards. Ascent prepared the EIS on behalf of Tahoe Regional Planning Agency for this project pursuant to the Tahoe Regional Planning Compact and the TRPA Code of Ordinances.  Key issues include land coverage, scenic quality, water quality, traffic, air quality, and noise.  The EIS was certified and the project has been approved.