Owner/Client:    California Tahoe Conservancy

Placer County Department of Public Works and California Tahoe Conservancy (Conservancy) are restoring a large portion of Lake Forest Creek and adjacent meadows in North Lake Tahoe. Prior to the restoration, the creek was piped through a culvert under a condominium complex and discharged to Lake Tahoe. This resulted in a large dewatered meadow, degraded stream channels, altered drainage patterns, and impaired terrestrial and aquatic habitat. By day-lighting Lake Forest Creek and reconstructing it through the adjacent meadow, the stream function has been restored, improving riparian, meadow, and aquatic habitat, in addition to water quality.

The Conservancy is conducting a post-project effectiveness study of the Stream Environment Zone (SEZ) restoration to determine if the stated goals and objectives were achieved. Ascent is assisting the Conservancy by conducting surveys for avian species, butterflies, bats, and other small mammals to compare pre- and post-project conditions. In addition, Ascent is helping to develop a long-term monitoring plan, including identifying appropriate monitoring variables, metrics, and methods for the biological/ecological elements of the plan.