Owner/Client:      California Department of General Services

The State of California proposed renovation and modernization of the Sacramento Central Plant so that it may continue to successfully serve the State’s downtown office campus. The Central Plant is a key State asset that provides chilled water for cooling and steam for heating to 23 existing buildings in the Capitol Area, including the State Capitol. The renovation project addressed operational and capacity issues to allow the plant to continue to provide a healthy indoor environment as well as additional capacity to heat and cool the proposed West Side Office Complex. The renovation also mitigated the Cease and Desist Order issued by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board by bringing discharges of heated water into the Sacramento River into compliance with temperature criteria. Ascent key staff managed the preparation of the joint EIR for the two projects and directed the team of subconsultants that provided the following services:

  • public outreach
  • archaeological/historical resource assessment
  • natural resource assessment
  • traffic/transportation assessment
  • regulatory permitting assistance
  • acoustical analysis
  • visual simulation
  • geotechnical assessment
  • air and water quality analysis
  • environmental due diligence